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Divorce is never an easy decision to make and our experience at 174 Law is that your first contact with a family lawyer often comes with some reluctance and anxieties. 

Our expert team of Family Lawyers are proud of not only their legal expertise but their sensitive and approachable nature which has been recognised by numerous awards and earned us the reputation of being one of the highly trusted teams in the North West.

Why do I need to get legal advice to Divorce?


Divorce does not only come with an emotional side. Whilst there are many online services which offer very cost effective divorces, the process itself is relatively straight forward and can be described as mostly administrative. However Divorce is a legal status.

A divorce therefore has consequences which you need to be aware of before engaging in any process to end your marriage and if you don’t get it right can be a costly process to instruct a lawyer after the event to rectify where you have gone wrong.

Did you know that if you end a marriage you may automatically lose some pension rights or if you simply decide to live separate and apart you are still spouses and your ex would still inherit your estate on death in the absence of any will. Or if you enter into a new relationship you need to understand the impact this may have upon your financial claims!

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OK, so I'm thinking of a Divorce, what do I do next?

Here's a handy 10-step timeline to ensure you don't come unstuck

1. Book a meeting with 174 Family Law

Learn about your legal rights with one of our specialist family law solicitors in Liverpool

2. Prepare your Divorce petition

We will ask you for all relevant information to do this on your behalf. It can be a sole Application or joint.

3. Documents filed at court online

The process starts by filing the petition at Court and paying the Court fee of £593

4. Court issues Divorce papers

The papers will be sent to your ex with an "acknowledgement of service” for them to complete

5. Your ex files acknowledgement

They now have 7 days after receipt of papers to complete and return to the Court

6. You now have to wait 20 weeks from date of issue

This gives you time to address your financial affairs and children arrangements.

7. You can now apply for your Conditional Order

This confirms the court is satisfied you are entitled to a Divorce

8. Court grants Conditional Order

Once CO has been granted then any financial agreement between you can be submitted to the Court

9. You can now apply for your Final Order

During this application, it is advisable to secure your financial affairs prior to this being granted

10. Court grants Your Final Order

Once this has been granted you are legally divorced and you will both be free to re-marry


Below are a list of commonly asked questions about the Divorce Process
How much does Divorce cost?
In most cases you and your former partner will each pay your own legal costs. It is unlikely you will get an order for your ex to pay your legal costs for the Divorce. Typically a divorce case will cost £550 + VAT together with the court fee (approx £593 NO VAT). Divorce costs are standard. But what does impact on legal fees during a divorce is where one or both partners are not willing to negotiate over finances. It’s common for couples not to agree about the divorce settlement at first. But if you can’t agree at all, it will make the process more expensive for you both as it will require extra work for your solicitors.
How long does Divorce take?
With the new Divorce laws you cannot apply for your Conditional Order until 20 weeks has expired after date of issue. Thereafter you will have to wait over 6 weeks before you can apply for the Final order. However, every divorce is different and timings will vary according to the complexity of your case, and whether you both agree about things such as what should happen to your finances.
What are the grounds for Divorce?
In England and Wales there is only one ground for divorce which is that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. To get divorced you must have been married for at least 12 months Since April 2022 we have the No Fault Divorce and consequently there is now no need to have to project any blame for the reason for your divorce. It is unlikely the reason you divorce, is likely to affect the financial settlement between you and your former partner. Similarly it wouldn’t normally affect the future arrangements for your children.
What should I expect when I first meet my Divorce lawyer?
For many people, meeting a lawyer for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Our solicitors understand this and offer a friendly service, where we listen to what you’re saying and work with you to get you the settlement you want. We’ll be honest with you about what will happen as well as giving a clear estimate of the costs involved. To book a first meeting with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, please call us on 0151 8 32 32 53 or contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
What do I need to bring to my first meeting?
When you first meet one of our divorce solicitors they will want to obtain a clear picture of your case, including: The background of your marriage and the reason for separation Your finances If you have any children and how they may be affected Whether you have already agreed something with your ex-partner (we can advise on whether this is fair, but will listen to you about what you want to accept) Whether you have a prenuptial agreement in place This first meeting will normally take between 60 and 90 minutes. While you don’t need to bring anything with you, it can be helpful to bring a rough estimate of your property, debts, income and outgoings. If you’d like us to file a divorce petition on your behalf then we’ll also need your marriage certificate. We understand that this first meeting can be a lot of information to take in, so we’ll provide you with a written note of our advice after your appointment.

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To speak to one of our expert family law solicitors, you can either call us on 0151 8 32 32 53 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.